About Me

Yuvraj Verma currently works as a learning specialist teacher and coding coach at Growing Up Green Charter School II, while also working toward a doctorate at William Howard Taft University. Prior to working as a learning specialist, Verma taught kindergarten and fifth grade. In his learning specialist position, Verma has the opportunity to work with students to ensure that proper support is provided to meet their educational needs. Verma is proud to help students who are new to coding, as he believes they can utilize the skills necessary for coding in other areas of life.

As a teacher, Verma understands the importance of staying flexible and working within the constraints of the current educational system. Like many throughout the U.S., Yuvraj Verma has had to make the switch to teaching students virtually and has welcomed the challenge by implementing innovative teaching methods that keep students involved from afar.


After completing his undergraduate studies, Yuvraj Verma decided that he wanted to further his education. He chose to begin working toward his doctorate in technology and leadership at William Howard Taft University. Verma recognizes how serving as a leader in his school can benefit his students and fellow staff members, and how learning the latest in technology can help him relay information to students that will help them excel in their future education and careers.

Awards and Recognition

Yuvraj Verma was awarded a 50% scholarship from the Roger J Duthoy Scholarship Program at William Howard Taft University. Upon receiving the award, Verma stated that he was excited about the opportunity to lead students and teach them about technology, as technology skills are imperative to success in today's increasingly digital world.


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